Terms & Policies


Rules and Regulations
of House Island, Portland Maine

  1. The facility being rented shall be in a clean condition prior to your Event. Within one hour following the Event, (but within the designated time slot of the Event rental period as stated in the Contract) all trash and debris, including sorted recyclables, shall be collected, properly bagged and removed from the Property by the Guest, the caterer, or other Vendor, as the case may be. *Due to access to barges, if event concludes on a Sunday, removal of property shall take place on Monday.

  2. All amplified music on the Property shall be kept at a reasonable level and shall comply with any state or local noise ordinances. All Music on the Property, live or recorded, must end by 12:00 am/midnight.

  3. All approved equipment and supplies brought onto the Property by caterers, florists, lighting designers, bands or other musical acts or Disc Jockeys, wedding coordinators, bartenders, tent vendors and other vendors of any kind, etc., must be removed at the conclusion of the Event.

  4. Three Palms Design Build, LLC assumes no responsibility for personal effects or possessions, equipment or other items of any kind left on the Property following the conclusion of the Event. Any items left on the Property and found by Owner shall typically be held for up to 20 days after which they may be disposed of as Owner deems reasonable.

  5. Guests may decorate the Property as they deem appropriate, subject to Owner's reasonable approval. No nails, screws, staples or penetrating fasteners may be used on walls, floors, or exterior surfaces. Only low tack tape is allowed on floors or walls. Wire or Floral wire is permitted.

  6. No rice, bird seed, glitter, loose beads, potpourri or like items are permitted on the Property. Rose or other flower petals may only be used for decorating purposes on tables only and not on the floors and must be cleaned up entirely at the end of the event.

  7. Candles may only be used cautiously in the fireplace hearth area and on tables or other stable surface areas. All candles must be stationery and in an enclosed holder, such as votives or glass vases. Battery operated tea lights are recommended. Open flames are not permitted. Removal of any wax on the wood floors or from the stone fireplace /hearth floor will be considered excessive cleaning and a charge therefore will be deducted from the cleaning/ damage deposit.

  8. Owner's representatives are permitted to enter and exit any portion of the Property during the course of the Event to ensure thing are running smoothly and checking for compliance with the terms of the Contract and applicable Rules and Regulations. Owner's representatives on the Property during the Event shall be the final arbiter as to compliance with the terms of the Contract.

  9. All load in and load outs of equipment supplies, etc., shall take place during the Event rental time frame. Owner is not responsible for checking in and handling or storage of any items brought onto the Property by Vendors or otherwise. All items brought on the Property must be checked in and signed for by Guest or its representative. All packing and excess materials such as bubble wrap, boxes, hangers, plastic, crates, etc., created by deliveries must be removed and disposed of by the delivery company or Guest or its representatives.

Rules and Regulations
of House Island, Portland Maine

  1. No drug use of any kind is permitted on the Property. Owner reserves the right to remove anyone on the Property who violates this provision or has become intoxicated, is disruptive or engages in dangerous conduct.

  2. Children are permitted on the Property under the supervision of their parents or guardians.

  3. Dogs are permitted on the Property provided that they are house broken and under the control of a Guest or an invitee of a Guest. Dogs shall on a leash when out in public. Guest shall be responsible for the sanitary clean up and disposal of all dog waste on the Property. Guest shall be responsible for any damage caused by any dogs while on the Property. Cats are not permitted on the Property.

  4. Fireworks, including sparklers, are not permitted on the Property unless handled by Professionals with all applicable governmental permits obtained at guest's expense and risk.

  5. The Property is a non-smoking environment as required by state and local statute. Any smoking materials found on the Property shall be cleaned and removed at the expense of Guest and charged to the Cleaning and Damage deposit.

  6. Swimming is at the risk of Guest. No lifeguards are on duty at any time on any part of the Property.

  7. Due to the historic nature of the Property and the limitations on remodeling of the historic features of the Island and its structures, the Property is not handicapped accessible. Access to the property is by water taxi or boat and requires use of docks and piers to arrive and leave the Island. There are no smooth surface routes that provide easy access to the improvements or outdoor features on the Property.

  8. Access to the North side of the Property is prohibited in areas marked.

  9. Use of Owner’s kayaks and paddle boards require execution of a waiver available from Owner before they may be used by Guests.

  10. No boats owned or rented by Guest or any of its invitees or family may use the dock or pier without permission from Owner.

  11. Guests shall respect the privacy and activities of other Guests sharing the Property at the same time.

  12. No guns or other firearms or weapons are allowed on the Property.

  13. Guests shall not use water balloons on the Property.

The violation of any of these rules and regulations shall constitute a material breach of your Rental Agreement and could result in your immediate removal from the Property. Your cooperation is appreciated. For your safety and welfare while on the Island and the safety and welfare of others on the Island.